Why clients love the one page marketing plan

For some years I have been running programmes with companies on writing up marketing plans and developing marketing strategies. As I teach marketing strategy right up to MBA level, I know how complex marketing strategy can be. Yet companies want me to help them come up with a plan in a matter of hours. Is this an impossible demand? Can anything useful be done in a few hours, when we know that so much research is required?

Well, to quote Voltaire, the secret of being a bore is to say everything. And perhaps the secret of getting an entrepreneur to give up strategy is to make it complex. A better idea is to make marketing planning and strategy so online casinos for real money straightforward that the business owner feels energised rather than overwhelmed.

And so I have started to work with a One Page Marketing Plan, and it works! Set out your big idea, your big goal, support your big idea with some numbers and then come up with the top 5 – 10 tasks you need to undertake to make it happen. Each of these activities may spawn a – wait for it – one page sub-plan but, at the end of it all, you’re looking at no more than 10 pages.

Clients love this approach because it is simple, they are in control, and it works.