Why employee engagement is the new buzz term


One of the most important articles I ever read was about the link between how employees are  treated and rewarded and bottom line sales, profitability and customer loyalty. You might say: isn”t that obvious! Yes, I agree but often the best articles are telling us stuff we know already but don”t deliver on.

 Like motivation. How many of our internal communications conversations are designed to motivate staff? Not that many, yet we know that a motivated team is much more likely to share three important charactistics of engaged people:  Say, Stay, Strive.

  1. Engaged employees say positive things about the company they work for and the work they do.
  2. Engaged employees stay longer in their organisations, so you”re not losing your best people to the competition.
  3. Engaged employees strive more to do their job well. That famous mantra of going the extra mile is the space the play in.

Check out “Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work” by James Heskett, published in the Harvard Business Review (July 2008) to see his take on why looking after your employees safe online casino is really about looking after your business. If you have good internal service systems that enable people to do their jobs well and reward employees who are service focused, your operating strategy is going to deliver employee satisfaction.

Three Ways to Check your Employee Engagement

When your employees are happy they stay longer and work harder and this has a significant impact on how your customers feel. Have you ever been served by a disgruntled employee? So, you see what I mean.

The impact of employee engagement on customer loyalty is significant:

  • Two-thirds of customers who leave you do so because of employee attitude.  No, not your pricing, not your products, your people!
  • Over two-thirds (70%) of brand perception is influenced by the experiences your customers have with people.


  • Build employee engagement by positively motivating your employees.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate – particularly when things are very uncertain.
  • Stay close to your customers through customer feedback channels, but stay even closer to your employees.

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