Multi-tasking is a myth

Nicholas Carr on How the Internet is Overloading our Brains

Not only is multi-tasking a myth, but the idea that we mortals can hold seven ideas in our heads at any time (the Juggler’s Brain) is also a myth. According to a fascinating book by Nicholas Carr “The Shallows – How the internet is changing the way we read, think and remember”, the biggest mistake we can make is to overload our brains with too many stimuli from actions such as constantly checking our iPhones, tweets and e-mails.

If you have any interest in how the brain works, in the impact of digital information flows, in communicating your message to suit people’s capacity to absorb and learn or if you just like a fascinating read – then get this book.

And if that sounds like too much trouble, then take the shortcut and go online (I know, ironic advice, given the book’s topic) and check out Nicholas Carr on his website or at to see him give a quick review of the key ideas at a recent Economist conference.

We don’t read online – we scan

And one last great thing that I learned was that you are not actually reading this blog, your eye is scanning the page and you are really only taking in 18% of what I’m writing. So for every extra 100 words I add, you – the ‘reader’ – just gift me with a maximum of 4.4 seconds!

So with that thought – I’ll leave you because you’ve already left me!