Ireland – A right shower of Laggards!

Ireland - At the back of the Digital Evolution Procession?

In a week that saw, yet again, that Obama had literally outsmarted his opposition, we should consider just how smart are we as individuals, companies or countries. I remember when the battle was between John McCain and Obama, McCain recognised that he was a bit of a lame duck when it came to technology. To allay voters’ fears, he said he used ‘The Google frequently’. Ouch!

I came across an interesting article by Boston Consultancy Group recently that suggested that as a country, Ireland was falling behind, ranked after Lithuania and Estonia, and a long way down the line from the UK, France, Germany and, of course, the USA.

Digital economies grow faster

Really smart economies, and it looks like we’re not one of them, see the internet as central to their growth strategies. The top five economies, South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and the UK, demonstrate that getting ahead is not due to any regional advantage – these countries couldn’t be further apart – but rather to a focused, long term strategy. And it’s worth it. Where else would you get annual growth rates of 8 per cent per annum? That’s the growth rate predicted for the internet economy in the G-20 countries over the next five years. Overall, growth fuelled by the internet already represents about 5 per cent of GDP in G-20 countries, and that rises to 12 per cent among those that are leading digital growth.

Looking at the e-Intensity table below, it looks like Ireland might just be a ‘Shower of Laggards’!