10 Questions to Kick start your Marketing Plan 2014!

Essential SME Marketing Techniques: Part 1 – How to Kick Start your Marketing Plan 2014

SME Marketing Plan 2014

It’s already the end of October and the signs are looking good for 2014. So make sure your business is ready to grow by having a smart Marketing Plan in place. But lots of people put off marketing planning, seeing it as a big task. The best way to get past your ‘writer’s block’ is to kick start your strategic marketing thinking. Just start by answering a couple of key questions that we’ve set out in this easy to follow template.

What do you want to achieve in 2014? Do you finally want to get on top of digital marketing? Or do you want to bring your business international? Or do you want to spread your risk by having a wider range of customers and breaking into new segments? If these ideas have been at the back of your mind, this is the time to get cracking on putting them into action.

We’ll be writing blogs over the next few weeks to make you ‘strategy fit’ for the year ahead! Stay tuned and meanwhile, here are your top 10 questions to get you thinking about your killer Marketing Plan 2014.

SME Marketing: 10 Questions to Kick start your Marketing Plan 2014!

1.My purpose and product/s:

2. What sets my business apart from the competition:

3. My ideal customer is:

4. What’s most important to my ideal customer when they are buying what I am selling:

5. My goals for 2014 are:

6. Top three tactics I will employ to get me there:

7. What will trigger my ideal customer to think of me?

8. What three things do I need to do to help my ideal customer find me?

9. Roadblocks: Some things that may interfere with my plan and how I will handle them

10. I know my plan is succeeding when: