3 Steps to Employee Engagement and WOW Customer Service

So you were attracted by the headline that made WOW Customer Service look easy. But what I didn’t say in the headline on Employee Engagement is that you have to take the 3 Steps every day!

Some things in business can be both simple and difficult. Like connecting, really connecting with your team. Like providing a mini sales training session every day. Like creating those little moments of unique and personal service to customers that are so authentic and caring, your customers want to come back again and again and tell their friends about you.

Create WOW Customer Service through Daily Briefings

Think for a moment about how important training and coaching is in your everyday life. How did you learn to tie your shoe, ride a bike, play the guitar? Somebody showed you, you practised a little, they helped you along and eventually you got it. Now you don’t even know how you know. It’s like building up muscle memory.

Use Daily Briefings to delivery your Service and Sales Training

5 Minute Buzz Sessions to Kick Start the Day

In Patrick Lencioni’s book Death by Meeting he recommends that we run a daily 5 – 10 minute briefing to make sure everyone is right up to date on what is happening for the day. But this meeting can deliver so much more. I have been training organisations for the past five years on delivering tiny bits of sales training and customer service training in 5 – 10 minute Buzz Sessions or whatever you want to call them. And these are central to connecting with your team, sharpening people’s skills, giving the team focus for the day ahead and building motivation. So here are the 3 Steps to build Employee Engagement and Walk On Water Customer Service.

Develop a Customer Service Charter!

3 Steps to Employee Engagement and WOW Customer Service

  1. Plan the topic for your daily briefings for the month ahead so that you have a real 30 cycle of training.
  2. Coach, don’t teach! Ask questions, use role plays, run quizzes but don’t do speeches – they’re preaching, boring and a turn off!
  3. Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone! Energy is everything in a briefing so keep them sharp and keep them fun. Your team should look forward to them.

For further tips and ideas on how to run briefings and deliver exceptional customer service, contact Cariona Neary at www.nearymarketing.com.