by Cariona Neary

The rollercoaster of emotions we are all experiencing can
make the task of leadership all the more challenging. And yet, this is a time
when your leadership skills can make the significant difference. Right now,
leaders need to help keep themselves and their teams focused, upbeat and
productive. Undo any of these three elements and people become despondent and
fight the small stuff, negatively affecting their own health and wellbeing as
well as business outcomes.

#1 Strategy – Diagnose the Team Mood

Leadership in the […]

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By Cariona Neary

What is marketing’s purpose during this coronavirus? A temptation for some marketers could be to continue to promote their business with the usual marketing activities. We know what this feels like as consumers, when we watch something we’ve recorded a few short weeks ago, the ads seem so out of touch, so clumsy. Our hearts and minds are in a very different place now.

What are we feeling, is there a name for it? Maybe if we […]

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By Karl O’Connor and Cariona Neary of OCN Coaching Champions*

Working from home – control the controllables!

A period of crisis leadership under former Taoiseach Charles J. Haughey was described as GUBU: grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre and unprecedented. This acronynm helps to describe the current Covid 19 challenges.

For managers suddenly thrust into the role of managing remote teams, at a time when everyone in the community is feeling stressed, we need to adapt quickly and learn how to manage and motivate […]

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President Xi during 2012 visit to Ireland

China represents one fifth of the global economy. Over the next decades, many expect China to overtake the US as the most powerful economic force globally.  Ireland is reaching a tipping point with this global giant. Here are five reasons for you to sit up and take notice!


In August 2018, Ireland got direct flight access to China for the first time. With an estimated 1700 passengers coming in from China every week […]

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5 Disturbing Facts about Women and the Leadership Pipeline

Jennifer Lawrence gave in too early in negotiating her pay because she wanted to be 'nice'

According to the TedTalk phenomenon, Professor Amy Cuddy, women feel chronically less powerful than men.
Women are not making it through the corporate pipeline, despite representing roughly half the workforce at entry level in professional posts.
In Ireland, women are paid on average 14 per cent less than men and the pay difference is widening!
The Old Boys […]

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Daniel Kahneman explaining our irrational choices

We’ve known for a long time that as consumers, we make a lot of irrational decisions. In the past year, we have seen how vulnerable we are to fake news. In fact, voters seem to like to suspend their disbelief, if what they’re hearing suits their preferred version of reality. So it is good to know that we can actually start to understand the conscious and unconscious biases that help explain apparently irrational […]

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Smart CEOs use social media to help build corporate reputations

Angela Ahrendts*, pictured above,  first came to fame as one of the first CEOs to really shake up a company using every social media channel available to her. At Burberry, she tripled revenue and launched a whole range of novel digital initiatives. How many other CEOs are following her lead?

According to MIT Sloan “How CEOs can Leverage Twitter” (Winter, 2016), only 42 Fortune 500 CEOs have Twitter accounts. And […]

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Answer these 3 questions to find out.

Does this sound familiar: two teams within the marketing department, one dealing with the ‘physical’ strategies, and another separate team looking after digital marketing?

Too many companies continue to run their traditional and digital operations independently, despite the fact that customers want to move seamlessly between one and the other. The world of marketing and communications has become more complex, more connected and a more immediate. Are your systems for marketing management keeping pace?

Here are […]

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Make your Customers Sticky through world-class CRM!

Tips always sound easy, like someone whispering the name of a good horse to back in the Grand National. We’re bringing you not one tip but ten tips, but after that you still have to run the race! Based on research carried out by Prof Hugh Wilson at Cranfield School of Management and other academic colleagues, including Prof. Moira Clark at Henley, the researchers uncovered the following top 10 dimensions to world […]

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by Cariona Neary

Read my latest tips on DIY Marketing – where I feature the up-and-coming icecream company, Nobó, as well as founders of The Happy Pear, Dave and Steve Flynn and get them to tell us how they have achieved great marketing success. The article, just published in the August edition of Hotel & Restaurant Times, is the second in a series in which I focus on marketing for food and hospitality companies.

To find out more about effective marketing using […]

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