by Cariona Neary

The rollercoaster of emotions we are all experiencing can
make the task of leadership all the more challenging. And yet, this is a time
when your leadership skills can make the significant difference. Right now,
leaders need to help keep themselves and their teams focused, upbeat and
productive. Undo any of these three elements and people become despondent and
fight the small stuff, negatively affecting their own health and wellbeing as
well as business outcomes.

#1 Strategy – Diagnose the Team Mood

Leadership in the […]

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Would you like to try a little experiment to track who in your team thinks he or she is the boss? It will only cost you a few biscuits and good observation skills. At your next meeting, bring in a plate of say 7 biscuits for 5 people and then watch what happens. Who will take the last biscuit? Probably no one: social etiquette dictates that it is not acceptable to grab the last biscuit. Ah, but what about biscuit […]

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