What is your competitive advantage and how can you maintain and leverage that advantage? Marketing strategy helps you to crystallise your marketing message and identify the best markets for you to exploit. Learn how to develop your strategic direction with the range of simple-to-use templates we have developed through working with companies over twenty years.

We help you build strategy to:

  • Defend your market position
  • Grow market share
  • Identify, win and retain profitable customers
  • Turn your service team into your sales team
  • Identify new opportunities with your existing customers
  • Enter new markets
  • Implement a marketing plan through month-by-month activities and schedules.

We provide training and development across all marketing activities so that you and your team develop your business skills in this key revenue-generating area.
One of our most popular programmes is ‘Marketing on a Shoestring’, designed for SME organisations with limited marketing budgets.

We have worked with Cariona for almost ten years. As a member of Alternatives’ Senior Panel of Marketing Experts, Cariona has been a highly successful workshop facilitator as well as working directly with a range of clients on our behalf. She delivered a range of programmes on our behalf to IBEC’s National Centre of Excellence. Her experiential training style leads to very positive feedback. She gives participants very practical, low cost ideas and techniques for implementing marketing strategies. As a long established marketing writer she edited our e-newsletter, ‘Alternative View’.
– Sandra Lawler, Managing Director, Alternatives