People Development

Every organisation is highly dependent on its people. How willing are your employees to put in that extra discretionary effort to create a great customer experience, to help a colleague or to look for ways to perform the job better? How motivated and engaged are your staff? Research shows that investment in people pays off in higher performance, greater motivation and that vital, magic ingredient, employee engagement.

    We offer a range of people development programmes, including:

  • DIY Marketing Planning and Strategy
  • Communications Skills
  • Customer Care
  • Selling, Upselling and Cross-Selling Techniques
  • Leading Teams
  • Train the trainer
  • Coaching and Motivating for better performance
  • Time Management under Pressure
  • Mental Toughness for Tough Times

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We have worked with Cariona Neary over the past five years because she delivers real value to our clients. Her time management programmes, in particular, have helped so many individuals and companies to rethink their approach to prioritisation and planning.
– Dervla O’Neill, Programme Manager, ITAA Travel Professionals Skillnet