Your strategy is your starting point for developing clear, consistent, long-term goals that will help you to gain and retain competitive advantage.

Once you have a clear strategy, you can build your marketing planning and execution around developing, leveraging and protecting your competitive advantage. With your strategy in place, it becomes easier to communicate your clear benefits to your customers and other stakeholders, from suppliers to investors.

We will help you to identify the winning strategy for your business using simple-to-use frameworks and templates.

Our experience has been built over twenty five years dealing with a wide range of organisations, from large multinationals through to micro-businesses.

How we can help:

  • We can help you to conduct initial market research to identify the gaps
  • We can provide you with a framework to build a solid strategic plan
  • We can work with you in developing a step-by-step implementation plan
  • From the outset of a new project, we can work with you to develop the most important marketing metrics to track and control.

Our Experience:

As a Member of the IMI Associate Faculty, Cariona has worked with many of Ireland’s leading companies providing consultancy and training, from delivering the Marketing Strategy Module of the prestigious Henley MBA for over ten years, to in-company strategy development programmes.

Through her association with specialist organisations, including Alternatives, Harvest Resources and others, she has partnered with a wide range of leading business consultants. As a mentor in Fáilte Ireland, Cariona has worked with multi-million euro hotels, restaurant groups and arts and heritage organisations to help them develop winning strategies.

Cariona has helped significant numbers of German and Irish companies to form business links. Her approach has always been to help the companies create a market entry strategy first and then to screen and select potential strategic partners. This level of market research and preparation greatly increased the success of the trade missions she organised.
– Ralf Lissek, Executive Director, German-Irish Chamber of Industry & Commerce