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Does this sound familiar: two teams within the marketing department, one dealing with the ‘physical’ strategies, and another separate team looking after digital marketing?

Too many companies continue to run their traditional and digital operations independently, despite the fact that customers want to move seamlessly between one and the other. The world of marketing and communications has become more complex, more connected and a more immediate. Are your systems for marketing management keeping pace?

Here are […]

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We are so seduced by those short, self-administered tests that promise to reveal our ‘true north’. They will help us identify all sorts of hidden strengths, from our ability to brainstorm through to our natural leadership talent. The fact that it only takes 60 seconds to run the test is also a big attraction…..

But now and then, you may come across a really worthwhile article that goes beyond the over-simplified diagnosis so beloved of the Cosmo-style questionnaire.

In January 2011, McKinsey […]

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For some years I have been running programmes with companies on writing up marketing plans and developing marketing strategies. As I teach marketing strategy right up to MBA level, I know how complex marketing strategy can be. Yet companies want me to help them come up with a plan in a matter of hours. Is this an impossible demand? Can anything useful be done in a few hours, when we know that so much research is required?

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